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IUHPFL Leon 2019

To think that six weeks in León flew by sounds very distant, or perhaps impossible, or maybe hard to understand. In any case, that period allowed our 28 students to experience a life-changing cultural, literary, linguistic, and grammatical experience. Beyond the classroom, students were able to visit local sites (museums, monuments, restaurants, fields, fairs, etc.) and other towns around Castilla-León, Asturias, and Galicia. Furthermore, students developed long standing relationships with their Spanish host families. They lived together, they laughed together, they ate their meals together. Their parents took them to school and picked them up. They lived a very Spanish (Leonese) life. A very unique experience. We hope that with the years to come, our IUHPFL alumni reflects upon the life changing six-week immersion into Spanish culture and its importance in their daily lives and careers. We always encouraged them to be curious, creative, and, equally important, to engage with the
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Segovia and Madrid

Last Saturday, July 20, the Instructors and students left León at 6:30 am, after some minutes of saying good bye to their host families. After a three-hour ride, wemade it to Segovia, where we visited the Acueducto, the Plaza Mayor, and the downtown area, with a wonderful local guide who explained the local history. Later, that day, we took the bus and made it safely to Madrid, where we spent Sunda, July 21, doing a walking tour of the city, and visiting its most important museums, Museo Nacional del Prado, and Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. 

Farewell Show in Leon

Last Thursday, July 18, we had our Farewell Show at the City Hall Auditorium, in Leon, where students presented an evening full of joke-telling, short representations, dancing (cumbia and merengue), and a theater play (“El retablo de las maravillas” by Miguel de Cervantes). Host families, students, and instructors had an evening full of memories for the years to come!

Sociedad Protectora de Animales

On Wednesday, July 10, the students and instructors made a trip to León’s Humane Society, and everyone took a dog to pet and walk him around for about approximately an hour. The students, with the support of the host families and insctructors, had a magnific time. We were happy to continue with our annual service to the community in Leon! Until next year!